Product Accessories

De-Mudder / De-Icer

We manufacture a variety of De-mud, De-ice and Undercarriage wash systems. These systems are specially engineered to produce from 80 gpm – 1000 gpm fl...

Multi-Gun with SmartLink

Intelligent Control is designed to provide constant pressure at the desired gallons per minute at each individual wand yet does not require the motor...

Wax Kit

Injects wax into the rinse water to help prevent water spotting by promoting faster drying.

Contouring Arm

The contouring arm maintains an optimal distance (not a fixed distance) from the target vehicle by using integrated sensors to develop a vehicle map....

Water Softener

Solves hard water issues that compromise the quality of wash. Fresh water can be processed at a high flow rate to protect wash equipment and improve t...

Brush Tower

A stationary Brush Tower with full height side brushes with SmartBrush Technology.

Blower System

Free standing blower system that is positioned at the wash exit to effectively dry vehicles as they exit the wash bay.

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