SmartWash® Sprite - Train or Truck Wash

Fleet & Train Washing System

SmartWash® Sprite-Drive through

We sell Train wash equipment in the USA, Canada, Europe and around the globe. Our SmartWash® SPRITE  drive-thru fleet Train washing equipment is a fast wash system designed to maintain trains and large fleets. The Sprite  cleans in less than two minutes in a short bay. Ideal for short bays and large fleets needing to wash 10 or more engines or trucks an hour.

Whiting Systems delivers outstanding truck and train washing solutions  no matter your fleet size. Our automatic washing systems are built of the highest quality materials and we use only the finest cleaning detergents. Each Sprite  contains sensors that follow the shape of the vehicle so that the water jet sprayers and rotary brushes completely and safely remove all dirt and grime leaving a bright, clean finish.

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