The SmartWash® Supra is ideal for washing trucks, coaches, oil field mining trucks and vans. This touchless, high pressure washing system will bring luster back to any large scale vehicle.

Optimal for buses and coaches, The SmartWash® Super Scout is a versatile cleaning machine that removes grime and dirt build-up without any harm to your vehicle.

The SmartWash® Scout is a versatile washing system that is used for virtually all large vehicles. Its high-pressure washing system will completely remove any build-ups from your vehicles.

The SmartWash STORM truck wash gives your vehicles a powerful, deep clean. Ideal for more compact fleets. Its touchless, automated cleaning technique will transform the way you do business.

As its name implies, the SmartWash® Sprite Drive Through is the ultimate cleaning machine for any type of fleet. As an automated system with sensors, it will clean even the most complex structures, such as trains!

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