Our Selection
Pressure Washers & Space Heaters

At Whiting Systems, Inc., we are leaders in our industry because we offer the best washing system equipment available. We believe in quality in everything we do so that's why we carry a selection of top-of-the-line pressure washers and space heaters to get the job done right.

Industrial Space Heaters

Portable industrial space heaters offer instantaneous circulation of heated air at low cost wherever temporary or emergency heat is necessary.

Industrial Space Heater offers instantaneous circulation of heated air at low cost wherever temporary or emergency heat is needed. It is designed to run on kerosene, # 1 or #2 diesel. This powerful space heater plugs into a standard 115v outlet .Featuring a stainless steel combustion chamber, thermostat and high limit safety. The front caster wheel makes this space heater easy to move around your work space. These heaters convert 100% of the fuel being used to direct heat, which lowers overall fuel consumption and operating costs.

Radiant Heaters provide clean heat with no smoke or odor while burning diesel fuel. Radiant heat allows you to heat an area and the objects surrounding the heater without being affected by wind or cold air. Radiant heat transfer occurs when the infrared light leaves the surface of the heater and travels to other cooler objects. Due to the disc on the radiant heater you achieve almost 100% efficiency of the fuel you put into your burner system.

Industrial Pressure Washers

Hot or Cold? Portable or Stationary? Gas or Electric? PSI and GPM. Whiting Systems knows pressure washers. No matter the surface or the material you are attacking we have the right pressure washing equipment to meet the challenge.

Whiting Systems provides a full range of standard and engineered high pressure pumping and cleaning systems for virtually an commercial or industrial cleaning application.

  • Cold Water Stationary
  • Electrically Heated
  • Multi-Gun Electronically Heated
  • Explosion Proof Cold Water
  • Explosion Proof Hot Water
  • Engineered Systems
  • Multi-Stage Systems
  • Natural Gas Heated
  • Propane Heated
  • High Capacity Cleaning Systems