Whiting Fleet Wash Systems

Whiting Fleet Wash Systems


Whiting Fleet Wash Systems

Having a quality fleet wash system is important for any truck washing needs. At Whiting Systems, we create only the best commercial fleet wash systems

Whether your business needs a quality cleanser/ degreaser or advanced rollover brush equipment, we can supply it. Employ this guide to learn about Whiting Systems fleet wash equipment and industrial cleaning chemicals needed for fleet washing.

Fleet Wash Equipment

SmartWash® SCOUT

The SmartWash SCOUT is a commercial truck wash system that can be employed for use on all large vehicles. It is an automatic rollover system that features a gantry that can be fitted for two or three brushes.  The SCOUT system’s sensors adjust to the shape of your vehicle, ensuring a thorough clean. Every aspect of this system is strategically placed to guarantee your vehicles safety and cleanliness.


SmartWash® STORM

The SmartWash STORM is a touchless, automatic rollover fleet system that makes the cleaning of compact vehicles effortless. This commercial truck wash system’s design is ideal for large-scale vehicles, such as buses, coaches, and semi-trucks. It offers superior technology that assures your vehicle gets a powerful, deep clean. 


SmartWash® Super Scout

The SmartWash Super Scout is a commercial truck washing system that is ultimate in design and composition. Similar to the SmartWash SCOUT, this elevated system is versatile and fitting for irregular size vehicles. Equipped with touch-less, high-pressure washing and a 3D rollover brush, this system is guaranteed to remove all build up and leave your vehicle looking brand new. 


Industrial Cleaning Chemicals


All-Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner: Black Magic

Black Magic is an all-purpose cleaning agent with degreasing elements. This agent is fit to remove grime from your vehicle's exterior while leaving behind a clean finish. SmartWash Black Magic penetrates through dirt and buildup quickly and can be used with commercial truck wash systems or bucket and brush use. This is the ideal cleanser for weekly use.


Industrial Cleaner: Wild Cat Plus

SmartWash Wild Cat Plus is a thick cleanser that produces a sudsy foam that is designed to clean large vehicles. Use this cleaner with any rollover brush system to accomplish a deep and powerful clean with minimal effort. Wild Cat Plus is also good for bucket brush use.

Heavy Oil Degreaser: Angry Orange

Angry Orange is a powerful degreasing agent. Not only does this degreaser break through the filth and muck of a vehicle’s exterior, but it also produces a citrusy scent. This product can be diluted for use with commercial truck wash systems. It is the ideal degreaser to attack heavy oils and create a clean, shiny look for your vehicle.

Whiting Systems Inc. understands the importance of quality. That is why they offer superior products to consumers. There are plenty of quality products to consider. Purchase commercial truck wash systems  and  cleansers  to suit your needs. 

To reach the needs of clients, Whiting Systems has recently partnered with  AMUR to offer financing opportunities on systems and equipment. Explore financing opportunities available to you today!