Commercial truck wash franchising is a growing business across America with opportunities on every corner along the highway system and deep into the heart of commerce.

Many business owners walk away from the opportunity of commercial truck wash franchises because of government requirements on waste water disposal, safety and insurance regulations, and the cost of maintenance. 

Whiting Systems' smart approach to semi truck wash franchising cuts out these risks with automations and eco-friendly, cost-saving high efficiency systems.

What is a commercial truck wash franchise?

Commercial truck wash franchises are a simple and profitable way to start your own semi truck wash business. With Whiting Systems truck wash franchising, you have a partner that will provide all necessary equipment, detergents and service to provide a guaranteed wash cost, wash quality and wash time.

We help you:

  • Provide ready-made business systems and process to start implementing with your own team

  • Make decisions about what products and services to sell at your truck wash

  • Market test new products and services to keep you at the top of the industry

  • Advise on truck wash layout and contracting decisions

  • Offer training and financial planning to build your path to success

Is a truck wash profitable?

Commercial fleet washing businesses are profitable with a strong, recurring customer base and consistent income. The trucking industry currently operates at over $700 billion dollars. 

Right now on America’s roads, there are more than 5 million semi truck trailers in operation running 140 billion miles a year. 

Each of these large vehicles need maintenance and wash solutions that can come from mobile truck wash systems or drive thru wash systems. Whiting Systems offers the smartest drive thru wash systems on the market available to franchisees. 

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By making smart decisions and implementing our proven systems in the right place, you have the opportunity to focus on high margin products and services. 

When you add on large vehicle wash system capabilities that rely on eco-friendly chemicals and smart wash systems, you consistently create revenue. 

We help you learn how to keep your truck wash franchise profitable. 

How much does it cost to start a semi truck wash?

The cost of starting your commercial semi-truck wash can vary depending on the size and location of your land. We recommend five acres for a strong layout, although we do see truck wash franchise owners work with as small as two and half acres. 

In addition to the cost of land, you will need start-up construction and equipment costs. 

Ready to start your own commercial truck wash business

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