As global leaders in manufacturing, sales, and service of large vehicle fleet wash equipment, we offer a range of models engineered to maximize wash cost efficiency, wash quality, and wash times. Our brush, touchless, and combination fleet wash systems are designed to cater to private and for hire fleets with different truck types and trailers.  Whiting manufactures with food-grade T304 stainless steel, our semi truck wash systems are built to last. Our panel shop is UL and ETL certified, and our gantry systems come equipped with remote diagnostics for efficient maintenance. With high-speed industrial controllers tailored to your wash needs, our semi truck wash systems ensure accurate amounts of chemicals, appropriate dwell times, and proper rinsing. Safety is paramount, and our True current-sense technology guarantees safe and gentle brush contact by providing accurate load pressures during the wash process. Our Smart Wash Program is the preferred choice of our most discerning customers.

All our semi truck wash systems are manufactured in Alexander, Arkansas, and we have sales, service, and distribution centers across several states, including Arizona, Georgia, North Dakota, and Ohio. We formulate our wash detergents to deliver optimal results while adhering to your state and local government's environmental regulations. With a wide selection of automated semi wash systems for your vehicles, we take pride in providing unbeatable service and understanding your needs to ensure you receive the best value and return on your investment.

A Whiting Systems semi truck wash is specially formulated to deliver exceptional cleaning power while protecting and enhancing the appearance of your valuable investment.

Why Choose a Whiting Systems Semi Truck FleetWash?

Unmatched Cleaning Performance: Our advanced formula is specifically designed to tackle the toughest grime and dirt that accumulate on the surfaces of your semi truck. Whether it's road dust, oil, grease, or bugs, our powerful cleaning agents will leave your truck looking spotless.

Gentle on Surfaces: While our semi truck wash is tough on dirt, it is gentle on your truck's paint, metal, and glass. Our carefully formulated solution is pH-balanced to prevent any damage, ensuring your truck stays in pristine condition.

Efficient and Time-Saving: With our semi truck wash, cleaning your vehicle becomes a breeze. Its fast-acting formula allows you to efficiently remove dirt and grime without the need for excessive scrubbing or repeated applications. Spend less time cleaning and more time on the road.

Protective Shield: Our semi truck wash not only cleans but also provides a protective shield against future dirt and contaminants. By creating a barrier on the truck's surface, it helps repel dust, making subsequent cleanings even easier.

Versatile Application: Our semi truck wash is suitable for various types of trucks, including flatbeds, tankers, refrigerated trailers, and more. No matter the size or type of your truck, our wash will ensure a thorough clean, leaving it looking polished and professional.


The Benefits of a Clean Semi Truck Fleet


Maintaining a clean semi truck goes beyond just aesthetics. Here are a few reasons why regular washing is essential:

Professional Image: A clean and well-maintained truck speaks volumes about your professionalism and attention to detail. It creates a positive impression on clients and the public, enhancing your brand image.

Extended Lifespan: Regular cleaning helps remove corrosive substances that can degrade the paint and metal surfaces of your truck. By eliminating these contaminants, you're effectively prolonging the life of your vehicle.

Improved Safety: Dirt and grime can accumulate on headlights and taillights, reducing visibility. A clean truck ensures optimal lighting conditions, enhancing safety on the road.

Fuel Efficiency: A clean truck has reduced wind resistance, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. By removing dirt and debris, you're maximizing your truck's performance and minimizing costs.

Our premium semi truck wash guarantees exceptional cleaning results, while protecting and preserving your truck's appearance. Invest in the longevity and professionalism of your truck with our reliable product. 

Contact Whiting Systems to discover the right semi truck wash system and let us get started on cleaning your fleet today!