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From humble roots

Whiting Systems was founded in 1974 by Buddy Whiting who started out selling pressure washers door to door in central Arkansas. We have grown into manufacturing and servicing large automatic wash systems for trucks, trains, and buses in many industries all over the world. Our manufacturing facilities stretch over 13 acres. We also have sales/service/distribution centers in Ohio, North Dakota and Arizona. We blend all of our own cleaning detergents and distribute all of our products throughout the country.

Our service network continues to be one of our greatest advantages, allowing us to address our customers’ needs very quickly.

Our Mission

"The mission of Whiting Systems, Inc. is to improve people’s lives, to reach our full potential and extend, and to be the best +1% as a person, team, and company. We will do this by providing the most consistent, best, and most innovative way to clean a large vehicle. Our desire is to be the provider of choice, employer of choice, and investment of choice."

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SmartWash® Latest Technology
Innovation At Its Finest

Utilizing “real time” current sensing electronics, our systems “feel” the vehicle and adjust according to contours, mirrors, visors, etc. SmartWash® stainless steel frames remain intact when other machines have rusted away.

Top Spray Bars, Blaster and Chemical, are replaced by a vertically motive toggling spray bar assembly. The assembly is mounted to the gantry by attaching to a chain driven linear…

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