Our automatic train washing systems are the perfect and most cost-efficient solution for keeping dirt, grime, and salt off of your trains. We manufacture all of our SmartWash® systems in-house at our headquarters in Alexander, Arkansas, and adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure only the best for you, our customer. We also work with you to create custom cleaning soaps to keep your trains looking like new. By investing in our washing systems, you are helping to extend the life cycle of your fleet by removing harmful buildup that can damage expensive paint jobs and erode the metalwork of locomotives. 

Train Wash System

The SmartWash® Sprite’s sturdy, stainless steel design is built to last and is an exceptional choice for train washing. It is a drive-thru wash system, sporting sensors that follow the contours of each locomotive to ensure optimal cleaning results from its water jet sprayers and optional rotary brushes. We understand that different job applications and climates impact what type of wash soap your fleet requires to achieve a successful clean; therefore, we put our team to work, formulating the best washing detergent to fit your exact needs.

Contact Whiting Systems today to speak with a specialist about our fleet wash programs and discover which fleet wash system best fits your business. Our goal is to provide you with the best value for your investment relative to wash cost, quality, and time to protect your assets in the locomotive industry.