SmartWashout Internal Trailer Washout Equipment & Sanitizer System vs the competition.


Wash Cost. Wash Quality. Wash Time.
Reduced Service. . .Really!

Everything designed into this unit was to better these qualities over the competition. Items we paid close attention to:

  • All stainless frame work / skin design
  • Smart Gate loading system. We don't "Ram" the ramps down and up with the momentum of the car. This stress destroys the framework of our competitions frame structure. We use a inverter driven lifting system to gently lower and raise the loading ramps.
  • 3 point Self Centering. We use the traditional guide wheels mounted horizontally, however we took it a couple steps further to insure the car is perfectly centered on the framework before each deployment. We have added lower guides as well as a new highly innovative software centering system. What this does for us is significantly lower the possibility of the vehicle being hung up in the trailer.
  • Electric vs hydraulic. We use a complex scaling network electrical system to operate the drive and pumping system. This has a distinct advantage to control the car speed, chemical, water volume and pressure over a variety of wash types and passes. We are not bound by the slow and constant speed of non-scaling hydraulics. There are no expensive hydraulic motors, pumps, shifting valves, or hydraulic filtering systems to maintain. We have 1 electric motor operating in the 45% load range.
  • Disinfecting System. The unit has the ability to Fog/Mist the entire trailer at 15-20 microns with a newly developed misting system. It also has the ability to "old school" apply the much more aggressive Quats or CL02 on the floor as our competitors do.
  • Pneumatic Controls / Pumping system. Network Pneumatic controlled cylinder for bar toggling / sweeping for better removal of debris in the nose of the trailer. Network Pneumatic controlled valve system for directional water control. This gives us the ability to direct wash water, chemical solution, rinse water, and high pressure water to any or all of the 3 spray manifolds using only 1 feed hose and without allowing chemicals through the pump. With our newly developed application pod we apply chemicals to the entire trailer not just the floor. Our competitors do not do this. We DO NOT use a cheap "Hydrominder" type chemical system that runs chemical through the pumping system. These type systems severely shorten the life of the pumps and increases scaling. It does however increase service substantially. Our system eliminates the chemical mix tanks that are prone to leaking / flooding. Our pumping system is network controlled inverter driven system. This allows flexibility for water volume / pressure and precise chemical usage.
  • Wiring. We have incorporated a wiring harness for the wiring between car, docking station and the pump station. This shortens install time substantially and eliminates in field wiring mistakes.
  • Sensors. The need for external sensors has been substantially reduced due to internal software innovations. There are only 2 external sensors that are used for positioning and safety, 1 counter sensor mounted on the car for speed control and 1 photo cell mounted on the docking station for trailer presence and positioning.
  • Trailer Presence System. The Trailer Presence feature allows the driver to back the trailer until he has a "red" stop indicated on the led stop light. The trailer is now in the correct position for the unit to be safely deployed. The unit cannot be deployed unless there is a trailer present.
  • Data Logging. The unit has the ability to real time data log. The information input into the screen can be e-mailed or connected direct to a local PC per local requirements.
  • Remote Diagnostics and Monitoring. As with all Whiting equipment this unit can be monitored remotely from WSI headquarters. A cell modem or local IT connection is required.
  • External Docking Station. We have developed an external docking station in the event the customer has no dedicated dock. It has a incorporated water catch pan and pump. The water from the wash is pumped to a holding tank that can be drained back to a pit. The unit has the ability to "blow down" in the event of freezing temps.
  • MultiGun. The SmartWashout unit has the ability to operate as a 2020 MultiGun. The touchscreen has the options displayed "SmartWashout" or "MultiGun" By making this selection the unit will control the appropriate valving and process.