Optimized Wash Cost, Quality, & Time

For Small to Medium Sized Fleets, & Manual Commercial Washing

The Versa Wash Mono Brush powered by Whiting Systems is a pioneering vehicle wash system for school buses, public transportation, box trucks, and semi-trucks. Offering a cost-effective, high-quality, and time-efficient wash system, this unit is ideal for manual commercial washing companies, or fleets not quite large enough to justify a fully automated system. 


A Revolutionary Wash Solution for Your Fleet 

Crafted with over five decades of industry-leading expertise and manufactured in the USA, the Mono Brush represents a significant leap forward in our mission to deliver unparalleled vehicle wash systems. This single brush marvel is a testament to Whiting Systems' commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency, offering an unmatched blend of wash cost, wash quality, and wash time optimization. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Versa Wash to bring the Mono Brush to market," said Russ Whiting, CEO of Whiting Systems. "This product aligns perfectly with our mission to provide top-of-the-line vehicle wash solutions. It is all about Wash Cost, Wash Quality, and Wash Time. We are confident that the Mono Brush will exceed our customers expectations and set a new standard for a maintenance wash system. For us it's always about meeting the customers' needs." 


"The Versa Wash has multiplied our production and cut our wash time in half. It takes about 5 mins to do the whole trailer, and was actually able to get into places our brushes can't.  It minimizes wash time and labor, and speeds up production...it is definitely a great investment."

Sierra Hortmann - Wash Shack Production Supervisor




Why Mono Brush?


Versatility: Ideal for various large vehicles, enhancing both appearance and longevity. 

Efficiency: Optimized for cost, quality, and time, ensuring vehicles are quickly back on the road. 

Innovation: Leveraging over 50 years of industry expertise in vehicle wash system development.


Our Models


Versa Wash EX13

For Dedicated Wash Bays, Narrow Bays, or Vertical Only Surfaces



Brush functions: 

  • Vertical only 
  • Single, central controls, 

  • Selectable clockwise & counter-clockwise brush rotations; VFD controlled 
  • Aluminum frame 
  • Greasable castors with water guard seals 
  • Three points of ground contact for ease of turning corners of vehicles 5. Overhead utility fed with 230v 1 phase power with ¾” water connection - 50 psi minimum 
  • Up to 80’ of festoon system: cable, power cord, waterline 
  • Polyethylene, soft touch brush 
  • Brushing heights from 10‘ to 13’6” (determined at time of order)  
  • Downstream, onboard detergent injection 


Versa Wash M13

Premium Wash for Dedicated Wash Bays



Brush functions: 

  • Tilt out for sloped vehicles, 
  • Dual side controls for easy access 
  • Selectable clockwise & counter-clockwise brush rotations; VFD controlled 

Remaining specifications are the same as EX13 above. 



Versa Wash G12

Self-Contained for Portability from Yard to Yard




  • Flat free tires 
  • 228 gallon water tank 
  • Centrifugal water pump
  • Manual spot spray gun 
  • Hydraulically driven 


  • Joystick controlled 
  • 25 hp EFI gasoline engine 
  • Pre-programmed brush and speed functions 
  • Articulated brush positions: tilt out/in with clockwise & counterclockwise rotations, vertical and slant positions


  • Polyethylene, soft touch brush 
  • Bluetooth diagnostics 
  • T304 grade stainless steel frame; mild steel available 
  • Lay down brush for easy trailer portability 
  • Brush height from 12’ to 14’



Join the Revolution

The Mono Brush is a game-changer in fleet maintenance, now available through Whiting Systems and our network of authorized dealers. Embrace the future of fleet maintenance tailored to your medium-sized fleet's specific needs and join the satisfied fleet operators nationwide who trust Whiting Systems for their commercial vehicle wash needs.

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