PURE is made up of Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC) a proprietary combination of stabilized ionic silver and citric acid. Basically positively charged silver with concentrate. I have attached a brochure that briefly describes how the product works. PURE genius.

Expect a 30-60 second speed depending on the virus/bacteria (30 seconds on most including COVID-19). Compare at others in 10 to 15 MINUTE kill time*

EPA & NSF approved, non-corrosive, oder free, simple and easy to use with no mixing.

Non-toxic- no skull and cross bones- When the EPA tested the toxicity of PURE they had to create a whole new category (Category 4-lowest possible rating). PURE is 4 for toxicity while Lysol and other everyday disinfectants/sanitizers are a level 1.

PURE is 95% more effective and has no post application clean up- simply spray and go. 

1 Gallon treats up to 4,400 square feet