Do you want to power through layers of hardened dirt or tough stains like grease and oil? Maybe you need specialized equipment to sanitize food processing equipment. Whiting Systems has a large selection of industrial pressure washers just for you. We design our pressure washers to handle daily use, as well as heavy-duty use, tackling any mess on any surface or equipment. We take pride in serving all industries in need of reliable cleaning equipment. Just let us know your needs, and we will help you select the best pressure washer to deliver optimal cleaning results.

When it comes to power washers, we offer high-efficiency models with a natural gas or propane fired heater, as well as electric power washers that compare favorably with gas-fired units. We formulate cleaning chemicals for your specific needs to get the most optimal results with your machine. Our systems are belt-driven, which is ideal for commercial or industrial applications as it reduces the wear and tear on the equipment's pump from consistent or daily use, resulting in a longer lifespan than direct-drive systems.

Gas-powered pressure washers offer an array of features such as a trigger gun activated start and stop control circuit, thermo-probe pump protection, and factory-set safety relief valve. Depending on the gas-fired system you select, it may have a compact design, high-efficiency heat exchanger tank, or modulating gas thermostat control. Electric power washers offer competitive features such as compact design, high capacity storage tanks, thermo-probe pump protection, and instantaneous hot water supply via a thermally insulated heat exchanger tank. Because electric pressure washers do not have an open flame or require venting, you may install the system in almost any location.

We have experts waiting to help you learn all you need to know about our power washers so you can make an informed decision about which product will best fit the demands of your business. Learn more about the performance, specs, and versatility of our pressure washing systems today!



Intelligent Control is designed to provide constant pressure at the desired gallons per minute at each individual wand yet does not require the motor to run at its maximum speed 100% of the time–resulting in reduced energy costs.


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