At Whiting Systems, we offer forced-air heaters and radiant heaters to provide affordable and efficient heating options for your workspace. A forced-air space heater instantaneously heats air and circulates it throughout a room using a built-in high-capacity fan. The space heater runs on #1 or #2 diesel fuel or kerosene, and sports a 1/4 horsepower electric motor. The heater has a high-limit switch to prevent overheating, and it features a stainless steel combustion chamber in which it converts 100% of its fuel into direct heat, reducing fuel waste and operation costs for you. A front caster wheel allows you to move the space heater from place to place with ease. 

If you are looking for a clean and efficient way of heating a smaller workspace, our portable radiant heater is a perfect fit for you. It does not produce harmful emissions into the environment and is not affected by cold temperatures or wind. Radiant space heaters run on diesel fuel and provide heat to a specific area and its objects via infrared light. The infrared light, also known as electromagnetic radiation, leaves the heater and travels out to cooler objects near it, offering consistent warmth, like the sun heating the earth. The model we offer has a 14-gallon fuel tank and is oil-fired. It also has a 2-position switch, which allows the burner to run at two different settings.

Not sure which type of industrial space heater you need for your business, reach out to a Whiting Systems' representative today. We won't leave you out in the cold. We are here to address your concerns, answer your questions, and provide you with expert advice about which heating system will work best for your budget, your needs, and your workspace.


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