A Beginner's Guide to Commercial Truck Wash Systems

A Beginner's Guide to Commercial Truck Wash Systems


Fleet Guide for Commercial Truck Wash Systems


To set your business apart from the competition, it is important to adopt quality products. At Whiting Systems, we offer commercial washing systems that are superior to others on the market. Utilize this guide to discover the perfect automatic wash system and cleansing agent for your fleet.


Commercial Truck Wash Systems

The SmartWash® Supra is the ideal system for large vehicles. This commercial truck wash system is a hybrid wash that is offered as a 2 or 3 brush automatic rollover. We designed this system to fit irregular shaped vehicles and to adapt and adjust according to vehicle build. The Smartwash Supra  comes equipped with sensors that will ensure every vehicle receives a safe cleaning every time.


Automatic Truck Wash Systems

This system design is fit to clean any type of fleet vehicle, including trains! The SmartWash® Sprite Drive Through utilizes sensors that move with the shape of the vehicle, guaranteeing  water and cleansers attack every inch of dirt and grime. Built with the highest quality materials, this automatic truck wash system completes a clean on large vehicles in just a few minutes. 


Semi Truck Wash Systems

Similar to the Supra Gantry,  The SmartWash® Super Scout delivers a grade A clean with every single wash. It is available in 2 height models: 12 foot maximum and 14 foot maximum and is an excellent semi truck wash system. This system comes fully equipped with rotary brushes and sensors that adjust with vehicle structure, leaving trucks with a consistent clean.


Cleansers & Degreasers

Our commercial truck washing systems work hand in hand with our top of the industry cleaning chemicals including cleansers and degreasers for fleet wash systems We offer cleansing agents that are fit to clean and degrease even the dirtiest of vehicles.

Eco Cleanser and Degreaser: Brilliance

Brilliance is perfect for the eco-conscious consumer and includes non-hazardous chemicals. It works as both a cleanser and a degreaser. Pair with one of our systems to experience a clean like never before.

General Industrial Degreaser: Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket is a degreasing compound that is perfect for general cleaning. It penetrates through oil and grease quickly to give your truck a thorough cleaning and create a superior shine. 


Heavy Oil Degreaser: Angry Orange

If you’re searching for a degreaser that offers both a quality clean and an appealing scent, look no further. Angry Orange quickly breaks down heavy oils and while leaving the truck with a subtle citrus fragrance.

*all cleansers and degreasers should be handled safely and with care.

At Whiting Systems Inc. we understand the importance of quality. That is why we make it our mission to offer superior products to consumers. As you can see, there are plenty of quality products to consider. Contact us for additional information.