Improving Lives - A Testament

Improving Lives - A Testament

A notable experience from one of our Account Executives.

I want to share a very memorable moment that I encountered last week.

During my client visits, I speak with the guys in the wash bay many times about things other than the truck wash. At one of my stops, I talked to a wash attendant who had been washing trucks at the same location since the early 90s. He said that before they got our 3-brush gantry at this location, he had brushed every truck and trailer by hand. After getting the Whiting Systems 3 brush Super Scout and learning how to use it, he told me he went home to his wife one evening and told her he had 10 years added to his life because of it (the truck wash system).

Talk about a complement and changing someone’s life for the better.

His comments warmed my heart and reaffirmed that what we do really matters and makes a bigger difference than we may think.

Thank you, Whiting Systems!