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Cleaned in one pass with Whiting Systems SmartWash Automatic Truck Wash Equipment.

Sysco Truck Wash Project Startup

Completed training and start-up at Denver Sysco and all went extremely well. This is the second start up for Sysco that I have been involved with and all I can say "expectations exceeded "once more. Manager was speechless when ask, what do you think? All I could see was the instant confidence in his expression as he watch the top and side brushes contour the tractor. Manager could not believe the rear of the trailer needed no detailing after the wash was completed. Completed wash with less water consumption with very little detailing compared to the previous equipment. Sysco's fleet had not been washed in several months due to their previous equipment's breakdown and non-support as seen in the pictures attached. Changes to programming was done almost instantly at managers request before training was completed. Training of CSR's was efficient and touch screen was intuitive and easy to make everyone feel confident. After all was said and done manager was very impressed with the installation team and the over-all project. Manager comments, "I am amazed at the efficiency of the equipment and contouring brush technology". From what I have seen recently from our competitors, nothing can compete with Whiting's equipment for efficiency, ease of use, adaptation to fleet and over-all teamwork and support.

Thank you and look forward to the next installation and start-up.

-S White

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