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Whiting Systems Inc.
Penske Lithia Springs GA Super Scout Truck Wash

Penske Lithia Springs GA Super Scout Truck Wash

Whiting Systems finalized the start-up and training of the new automated truck wash system at the new build project in Lithia Springs, GA. This is a beautiful new facility inside and out and it will quickly benefit Penske and their customers.

It will not be long before a steady parade of trucks enter the wash bay to be cleaned by the new automated truck wash and the training is incorporated into their routine. The new equipment and process will quickly make an impact to the operations at this location by improving wash quality and consistency along with decreasing operating costs, labor, effort and wash time for savings in all areas.

Thanks to all for placing your trust in Whiting Systems and strengthening the partnership between Penske and Whiting Systems. We are excited and honored to be at Lithia Springs!

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