Whiting Systems Inc. Announces NEW SmartWashout® Interior Trailer Wash

Whiting Systems Inc. Announces NEW SmartWashout® Interior Trailer Wash


Alexander, AR – Whiting Systems, the leading manufacturer of automatic truck, bus and train wash systems announced the development of the SmartWashout® internal trailer washout system.  This state-of-the-art equipment was specifically designed with refrigerated transporters and produce haulers in mind.    

“The new SmartWashout® is made of all stainless framework, offers a highly innovative self-centering software system to perfectly ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting of the refrigerated trailer.” said Senior Vice President, Dave Speer.  “The SmartWashout® unit has the ability to operate as a 2020 MultiGun. The touchscreen has the options displayed ‘SmartWashout’ or ‘MultiGun’.  By making the MultiGun option, the unit will control the appropriate valving and process to have the capacity of running four handheld pressure wash guns at the same time. These can be plumbed and dropped into wash bays and shop areas.” Speer continued.   

Russ Whiting, President of Whiting Systems shared “Whiting System SmartWashout® has been adopted by several food distribution companies and in fact their staff counseled us during research and design for what they wanted.  Whiting Systems automatic trailer washout system has remote diagnostic and monitoring for Whiting Systems headquarter to continue our level of customer service”.

Whiting Systems has developed the SmartWashout® with data logging for those that must implement procedures to ensure that equipment and vehicles are in appropriate sanitary condition.  We help in implementation of procedures to ensure that previous cargo does not make food unsafe.  The Whiting design and PURE Hard Surface chemistry meets all fully implemented FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act requirements.  Through precise, controlled automation, documentation and PURE Hard Surface, the SmartWashout® will provide the highest level of food safety.

“Everything designed into this unit was to better assist in safe food delivery and reducing downtime. The final application of PURE Hard Surface has been offered to national restaurant companies, food distribution companies and retail box stores.”  Whiting said.

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About Whiting Systems, Inc.:

Whiting Systems, Inc., founded in 1974, is a global leader in providing transportation disinfecting and washing systems service to the leading truck, train, bus, and commercial transit companies in the world.  Whiting’s accounts include all major rental companies, airline industry, passenger rail, bus transit, and commercial carriers. WSI caters to a broad spectrum of clientele and all their needs including sanitation and occupant’s health and safety. With over 1000 locations in the Continental United States, South America, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Middle East and the United Kingdom, Whiting Systems, Inc. is the industry leader for transportation image and hygiene.  Our objective is to help you make a greater profit with your fleet image program. We do this by providing the greatest long-term value relative to wash cost, wash quality and wash time.