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Super Scout Truck Wash
Super Scout Truck Wash

New auto truck wash decreases operational cost, labor, effort & wash time.

Another beautiful wash system in place.

Whiting Systems finalized the start-up and training of the new automated truck wash system at Spartanburg, SC

We had the privilege of working with the staff at Spartanburg for training of the wash program and automated truck wash system. Training sessions were performed covering safety, automated system and manual operations, updated cleaning process and maintenance requirements. In addition to CSR's, managers and supervisors were also present for the training and were provided a short session afterwards on administrative components.

Shortly after completing the training of the staff, a steady flow of trucks were making the way through the wash bay to be cleaned by the new automated truck wash. The training provided will be incorporated into the CSR's routine to make for an efficient wash program. The new equipment and process will quickly make an impact to the operations at this location by improving wash quality and consistency along with decreasing operating costs, labor, effort and wash time.

The attached photo of the finished wash bay shows the end product at this beautiful new facility.

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