The Importance of a Clean Image and a Clean Truck

The Importance of a Clean Image and a Clean Truck

Imagine you're paying a maintenance worker two hundreds dollars per hour. They show up in an old beat up truck that has parts falling off. You immediately begin to question the quality of their products and service, based only on appearance. The same is true for semi trucks, trailers and bus fleets. If you're showing up to pick up high dollar freight or are a customer centric drive, image is important.

Having a dirty semi truck exterior can also potentially lead to a higher number of interior inspections. A dirty semi truck means important information, such as DOT numbers, can become obscured. This might potentially lead to being pulled for a scale check or to a company inspection. These processes drain time, money, and resources from the organization.

Corrosion is also a time and money wasting issue that can be prevented with fleet wash systems. Preventative maintenance of your fleet can save thousands of dollars in the long run. Preventative maintenance, such as a semi truck wash system, can keep your fleet out of the garage where you could spend a far greater amount on parts and mechanics.

Whiting makes semi truck fleet maintenance easy by providing a full suite of cleaning products and the tools to use with them. Instead of purchasing your products, tools, or equipment from multiple companies, shop at Whiting, your one-stop-shop for a fleet washing needs including internal trailer washout equipment.

Whiting experts are constantly researching how to optimize product results to help save you time and money, while achieving EPA standards and protecting the environment. Whether you're a small semi trucking company or a big commercial trucking business owner, Whiting has a wide variety of solutions.