Whiting Systems Continued Strong Growth with Vice President of Business Development Casey Craft

Whiting Systems Continued Strong Growth with Vice President of Business Development Casey Craft

Whiting Systems, a leading company in the large vehicle wash industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Casey Craft as their new Vice President of Business Development. With his extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, Casey is set to bring new ideas and strategies to drive the company's growth and success.

Casey has been a part of Whiting Systems for many years, starting from selling pressure washers to working in various roles within the company. He has a deep understanding of fleet wash systems and processes, making him a valuable asset to the company. With his expertise and passion for the industry, Casey has been a strong advocate for trucking and has built strong relationships with clients and partners. Casey has been in the large vehicle wash industry for over 20 years. Throughout this time, he’s provided manual washing equipment as well as fully automated washing equipment to the truck, bus, and train industries throughout the USA and in a number of other countries. " We see our responsibility as correctly identifying the right wash applications for our equipment, therefore assisting our customers in achieving maximum labor savings and minimal time in the wash bay." said Casey Craft.



In his new role, Casey will be responsible for developing and implementing business strategies to expand Whiting Systems' reach and increase its market share. He will also work closely with the sales and marketing teams to identify new opportunities and strengthen existing partnerships. With his leadership and vision, Whiting Systems is confident that Casey will play a crucial role in driving the company's growth and success.

"We are thrilled to have Casey as our new Vice President of Business Development," said Russ Whiting, CEO of Whiting Systems. "His extensive experience and passion for the industry make him the perfect fit for this role. We are confident that under his leadership, Whiting Systems will continue to thrive and reach new heights. We have always worked hand in hand with Casey and his development of the mono brush. We are certainly excited to be able to assist Casey skill sets and grow Whiting Systems for our customers. 

With Casey's appointment, Whiting Systems is looking forward to a bright future and is excited to see the positive impact he will bring to the company. The team at Whiting Systems is eager to work with Casey and support him in his new role.