Whiting Systems, Inc. Offers NEW ViroBlaster Disinfectant Mister

Whiting Systems, Inc. Offers NEW ViroBlaster Disinfectant Mister

Alexander, AR – Whiting Systems is proud to offer a new cordless disinfectant mister to meet the demand for an efficient, effective, and ultraportable disinfectant applicator.  Whiting Systems’ ViroBlaster delivers maximum productivity weighing in at 3.4 lbs.”, according to Senior Vice President, Greg Jenkins.  The ViroBlaster is the ultimate portable disinfectant sprayer solution that delivers maximum productivity.  Whiting’s ViroBlaster is uniquely built with the highest-grade materials that are compatible with disinfectants, sanitizers and deodorizers.  Users can easily disinfect without having to start-up a large misting system.  

Whiting System’s ViroBlaster finishes small or large areas fast, is effective with minimal effort by the applicator, and makes   moving from room to room easy.  Whiting’s PURE SDC Silver Dihydrogen Citrate, completes a full, clean, disinfected area quickly.  “With Whiting’s PURE, the ViroBlaster is capable of disinfecting buses, trains, trucks, and airplanes, mitigating against common colds, bacteria, viruses, and fungi (including Human Coronavirus, Norovirus, Hepatitis B and C, Listeria, E. Coli, and Salmonella).  A fully charged 20-volt battery will provide 30 minutes of constant run time giving the operator the ability to cover large areas.”, according to Director of Marketing Jason Rhoads.  “With Whiting’s patented PURE silver, there is no mixing or diluting, you just fill the half gallon cup and go.”, Jenkins said.

“The adjustable spray nozzle emits PURE SDC Silver Dihydrogen Citrate  at a range from 0-150 ml per minute, allowing for the most cost efficient way to disinfect.”, said Whiting Systems President Russ Whiting. “We have worked with school systems in protecting school busses and classrooms with ease and convenience to our partners.  As Whiting Systems continues to be the leader in mitigating costly downtime in the transportation industry, we knew investing in research and development of a better applicator was a priority and we believe we have that product.”, added Whiting. 

See the new Whiting ViroBlaster and learn more at:  http://www.whitingsystems.com


About Whiting Systems, Inc,

Whiting Systems, Inc., founded in 1974, is a global leader in the transportation industry for providing disinfecting and washing systems services to leading truck, train, bus, and commercial transit companies around the world.  Whiting’s accounts include all major rental companies, the airline industry, passenger rail, bus transit, and commercial carriers. WSI caters to a broad spectrum of clientele and all their needs including sanitation and occupant’s health and safety. With over 1000 locations in the Continental United States, South American, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Middle East and the United Kingdom, Whiting Systems, Inc. is the industry leader for transportation image and hygiene.