Whiting Systems, Inc. Opens New Welding Facility

Whiting Systems, Inc. Opens New Welding Facility

Alexander, AR – Whiting Systems, a leading provider in the transportation industry of cleaning solutions, cleaning equipment and disinfectants, announced the opening of a new 12,500 square ft welding facility. In addition, this state-of-the-art facility will also have 5,000 square ft of dry material storage.    

Whiting Systems new welding facility is located on the corporate campus in Bryant, Arkansas and allows for manufacturing processes to be speedy for customers. 

“We have upgraded all electrical and natural gas supply to the campus, enabling continued growth for the company,” said Senior Vice President, Dave Speer.   

Whiting says its new welding shop boasts a new 20 ft. by 10 ft. CNC-controlled automation plas max cutting unit. This unit features high-definition cutting using the Hypertherm True Hole Process, capable of cutting critically accurate parts up to 4 in. thick. Whiting Systems also added environmentally controlled office space to secure the safety and long service life of the complex computer systems required to operate this equipment.


“We are proud of this addition to our campus, not only for our great employees but for our partners as well," said Whiting Systems President Russ Whiting. “In a welding shop as large and productive as ours, welding fumes or smoke are monitored so they don’t become a health concern. Employee health and safety was our first and main concern when we started to design and 

build the new welding facility. We installed a healthy air purification system into the building, and it is being controlled and monitored by a PLC (programable logic controller) via smoke detection sensors.”

"We installed a healthy air purification system into the building," Whiting said, "and it is being controlled and monitored by a PLC (programable logic controller) via smoke detection sensors. Each welding station has a powered air purifying respiratory system built into the welder’s helmet.  This always allows the welder pure and cool air. We want to offer the best working environment for our employees so they can do their jobs to the best of their abilities.  This results in a superior product in the marketplace for our transportation partners.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

About Whiting Systems Inc.

Whiting Systems, Inc., founded in 1974, is a global leader in providing transportation disinfecting and washing systems service to the leading truck, train, bus, and commercial transit companies in the world.  Whiting’s accounts include all major rental companies, airline industry, passenger rail, bus transit, and commercial carriers. WSI caters to a broad spectrum of clientele and all their needs including sanitation and occupant’s health and safety. With over 1000 locations in the Continental United States, South America, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Middle East and the United Kingdom, Whiting Systems, Inc. is the industry leader for transportation image and hygiene.