Portable Mister


Introducing the ViroBlaster Portable Mister: your ultimate solution for sanitizing and deodorizing spaces with maximum productivity! The ViroBlaster is the ultimate portable mist sprayer solution that delivers maximum productivity with an attached battery. Designed to quickly, easily, and effectively dispense disinfectants, sanitizers and deodorizers. Users can easily disinfectant without having to start-up a larger misting system.

  •  Quickly and easily sanitize your space with the use of PURE Bio disinfectant.
  •  Adjustable spray nozzle emits formula at range from 0-150ml per minute
  •  Coverage of over 16 feet with a spray distance of over 9 feet
  •  Heavy duty bottle with ½ gallon capacity
  •  Fully charged battery will provide 30 minutes of run time
  •  Includes rechargeable lithium ion battery and charger

Configured for use with PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant.

With PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant included in this package, you'll be able to quickly clean any space without having to start up larger misting systems!




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