Public Transit Wash Systems

Public Transit Wash Systems

Public transportation plays an important role in creating sustainable systems of mobility in the communities they serve. They grant access to job opportunities, public resources and recreation and healthcare for those who may not have access to personal vehicles while also contributing to the local economy. They are also friendly to the environment, providing better fuel efficiency and reducing air pollution. 

Because these transit systems play such a vital role in their respective communities, it is important that these vehicles remain in tip-top shape. Regularly washing buses, trains and other modes of public transportation is a key way to ensure that they stay up and running.

Whiting Systems, Inc. has created the following guide to discuss the importance of maintaining clean fleets and offer automatic bus wash systems and other public transit cleaning solutions that are tailored to your municipality’s needs.

Why is it important to keep public transit systems clean?

According to the American Public Transportation Association, public transportation is an $80 billion industry, employing more than 448,000 people nationwide. The association also reports that for every $1 invested in public transportation, there is a $5 return on investment.

With this in mind, the benefits of having a clean fleet far outweigh the effort it takes to maintain regular washes. 

What are the specific benefits?



Build credibility with potential riders

Fleet image management can be the difference between a potential rider choosing to use your system or not. Those looking to use public transportation tend to value options that offer clean fleets. Before stepping foot inside a bus, train or other public vehicle, a potential customer is able to make an assessment as to whether they want to ride. 

Having a clean fleet communicates a level of professionalism and safety that customers feel they can trust to get them to their destination safely. 

Reduce maintenance costs and extend your vehicle’s lifespan

The greatest enemy of any vehicle is corrosion. Public transit vehicles must weather environmental elements in order to get people where they need to go. Potential causes of corrosion include:

  • Moisture build up due to driving through puddles and precipitation

  • Moisture and salt build up from road salt in colder climates or sand in coastal regions

  • Residual dirt and mud

  • Acidic qualities of insect debris (“bug guts”) and bird droppings

When this debris is left unaddressed, corrosion begins, causing rusty patches to form that begin to dissolve the vehicle’s metal. The worst thing about rust is that it has a tendency to spread to other areas, potentially causing major damage to the infrastructure of the vehicle.

By washing your fleets regularly, you can prevent corrosion from damaging your vehicle. This keeps your vehicles out of the shop and on the road. Fewer damages also means extended life for your vehicle and thus a better return on your investment for years to come. 

Fleet Wash Solutions for Public Transportation Vehicles

When you’re dealing with a large fleet of vehicles, manual washes may not be the most efficient system, and paying a third-party, off-site automatic fleet wash business creates an ongoing expense.

Investing in your own fleet wash system gives you an optimal return on your investment, granting you a reliable fleet management system. Consider it the ultimate protection plan for your vehicles.

Whiting Systems, Inc. manufactures our automated fleet wash systems in-house at our facilities and oversees setup at your location so that you can get  back to work.

Whiting Systems combines powerful automatic fleet wash equipment with detergents and cleaners that leave your fleet clean. 

Here is a selection of Whiting System’s fleet wash systems offerings:


Fleet Washing Systems

From luxury coaches, buses and trains, Whiting Systems offers effective cleaning solutions for your fleet. 

Bus Wash Systems

If you are the director of public transit services in your city, Whiting Systems can help you provide quality, efficient fleet wash solutions: 

SmartWash® Scout 

  • Rollover wash system to accommodate vehicles with a maximum height of 12 or 14-feet, and we equip it with two or three polyethylene brushes depending on your model selection.

  • Sturdy gantry structure rolls over stationary vehicles without damaging the vehicle’s structure or paint. 

  • Strategically placed sensors, pressure washing sprayers and rotary brushes, providing a comprehensive clean. 

SmartWash® Storm

  • Touchless wash system

  • The gantry system travels over floor-mounted tracks, passing over vehicles two to four times, depending on the chosen wash program. 

  • Powerful sprayers and optional high-pressure spinners combined with precise chemical applications provide an effective clean for your bus fleet. 

Train Wash Systems

Our train washing equipment is the cost-efficient solution for keeping dirt, grime, and salt off of your trains. We manufacture all of our SmartWash® systems in-house and adhere to strict quality control standards:

SmartWash® Sprite 

  • Stainless steel design is built to last.

  • Drive-thru wash system includes sensors that follow the contours of each locomotive to ensure optimal cleaning results.

  • Water jet sprayers and optional rotary brushes. 

  • Washing detergent formulas tailored to each fleet.

Industrial Cleaners and Detergents

Whiting Systems offers a wide range of industrial cleaning solutions. We use the finest materials to ensure long system life and maximum cleaning performance.

  • All-purpose cleaners

  • Degreasers

  • Brighteners

  • Specialty products 

    • Windshield washer fluid

    • Wax to increase shine and cause beading on vehicles

    • Cleaner that targets and removes bugs from vehicle surfaces

    • Phosphatizer for the preparation and corrosion protection of metal surfaces

Disinfectants and Sanitizers

PURE® Hard Surface Commercial Disinfectant

  • Provides fast and effective activation

  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, and fungi on everyday surfaces in as little as 30 seconds while continuing to kill certain bacteria for up to 24-hours

  • EPA and NSF approved

  • Offers 24-Hour protection

  • Uses a safe and easy-to-use formula

  • Lowest EPA toxicity rating


Whiting Systems ViroBlaster Disinfectant Mister

  • Quickly and easily sanitize your space with the use of Whiting Systems PURE® Hard Surface Disinfectant.

  • Adjustable spray nozzle emits formula at range from 0-150ml per minute

  • Coverage of over 16 feet with a spray distance of over 9 feet

  • Heavy duty bottle with ½ gallon capacity

  • Fully charged battery will provide 30 minutes of run time

  • Includes rechargeable lithium ion battery and charger


Wheel and Undercarriage Wash Systems 

Our wheel and undercarriage wash systems are key to rust prevention. Whiting Systems offers a wide array of de-mud, de-ice and undercarriage wash systems, ridding vehicles of mud, debris and salt that get trapped in the areas of a vehicle’s under body that are more difficult to reach, as well as wheels and tires. 


Whiting Systems offers holistic cleaning solutions for public transit vehicle fleets. Your community relies on access to public transportation. These vehicles keep cities across the nation in motion. 

From buses, to coaches, to trains, our diverse array of fleet wash systems, cleaners, detergents, disinfectants and sanitizers offers everything your municipality needs to keep your vehicles running and serving your local community.