The Future of Trains is Whiting Bright

The Future of Trains is Whiting Bright

Whiting Systems and BNSF Railway Partner Together

Whiting Systems acquires its long-standing partner company, BNSF Railway, as a member of the Whiting family. This deal puts Whiting at the forefront of freight transportation and the automatic train washing business in North America.


The History of BNSF and Whiting

BNSF Railway and Whiting Systems are partners with a long and beneficial history working together. In 1999, BNSF sought to partner with a leading provider for large vehicle washes, and Whiting Systems was the company they chose to move forward with. This partnership elevated Whiting Systems from solely one of the most prominent vehicle washes in the country to one of the top providers for rail wash systems as well.

That initial presentation to BNSF Railway contained  the functionality and efficiency of the Whiting rail wash system, including the environmentally conscious waste disposal system and the swiftness with which the system can clean trains compared to using man power. These features are present in the modern incarnation of the automatic train wash system, but they’ve been improved and further perfected as the needs of these systems have changed. 

The Impact of the Partnership

This allowed Whiting Systems to eventually expand into partnerships with multiple other companies in 2010, installing automatic rail wash systems for:

  • Amtrak 

  • Metra

  • MTA

  • LIRR

  •  And many others


As recently as 2021, Whiting was featured at the America Public Transit Authority show and once again reminded why Whiting Systems is #1 choice for public transit wash. This allowed Whiting Systems to gain a foothold in this sector of the fleet washing business

Whiting and BNSF’s Future

BNSF Railway is one of the country’s leading freight transportation companies. It possesses a rail network of 32,500 miles across 28 states, as well as three Canadian provinces. Through the work that BNSF Railway does, essentials for living, such as food, clothes, and energy, are transported across America, and eventually the world.

Whiting Systems is very excited for the future this expansion will bring, and is dedicated to making sure that BNSF Railway doesn’t simply remain as it was before, but is raised to new heights. If you want to be a part of this future of train washing system excellence, be sure to partner with Whiting for your washing system needs.