The Importance of Using Pure Hard Surface Disinfectants

The Importance of Using Pure Hard Surface Disinfectants

Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant from Whiting Systems is a powerful and effective solution for eliminating bacteria and viruses on everyday surfaces in as little as 30 seconds. This easy-to-use product requires no diluting or mixing, making it an ideal choice for quickly sanitizing living spaces.



The Common Cold

By using Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant in the home, you can provide a protective barrier against germs that could impact your family's health.

The common cold is responsible for over 60 million cases requiring medical attention yearly in the United States alone. For school-aged children, this means fewer missed days due to illnesses. The average American child contracts six or more colds per year, resulting in 24 million lost school days nationwide every year. 

Pure is essential for anyone wanting to protect others from harmful bacteria and viruses – whether in public places like schools, offices, hospitals, etc. or your home. Pure is even EPA COVID-19 approved disinfectants list. 

At Whiting Systems, we strive to make cleaning easier than ever before. With Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant, you can rest assured knowing that your surfaces are being safely sanitized with every use. 




Taking Care of Your Home

In addition to its ability to fight against bacteria and viruses, Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant has properties that make it ideal for regular household cleaning. Its fast-drying formula leaves surfaces streak-free without any residue left behind. Plus, Pure has been approved by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on food contact surfaces when used according to directions for use indicated on the product label. Pure can also be used on fabrics, so you can be sure that all of your surfaces remain clean and germ-free at all times!

Pure has been proven effective at killing over 150 pathogens that cause illnesses such as influenza A and B, norovirus, streptococcus, E. coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus aureus. It can also treat food contact surfaces and eliminate cross-contamination of these germs from surface to surface — essential for kitchens where food is prepared for the family. 

Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant also works on non-porous surfaces like hard countertops, door handles, and light switches — all places that harbor germs on surfaces throughout the day.

With Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant, you can rest assured that your whole family — including furry friends — will remain healthy throughout the cold season! All it takes is 30 seconds, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve cleaned with a product trusted by hospitals, schools, restaurants, and many other locations nationwide. 

So why wait? Get Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant today and keep your space protected for years to come!