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Semi-Trailer Washout Sanitizing Mar 16, 2020 »

Semi-Trailer Washout Sanitizing:

Of all the changes ushered in by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), few created as much uncertainty as the sanitary transportation rule. The world is now experiencing anxiety over Coronavirus (COVID-19). Clean truck and trailers, inside and out, are not just for image any more but necessary in this environment.

Whiting Systems has solutions.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.
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Jan 24, 2020 »

Whiting System is excited to share the news of our cutting edge SmartWashOut automated trailer washout system in development. Look for an early 2020 release. Stay tuned for more information!!

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​SmartWash Automated Coach Wash headed to Clinton NY Jan 10, 2020 »

Another SmartWash System being put into service , we will be cleaning their fleet for many many years to come. Made of stainless steal, our frames have stood the test of time. Ours are long standing after our competitors have rusted away.

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Dirt Is Costly Nov 20, 2019 »


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In times like these when the economy and budgets are tight, often one of the first steps toward cutting costs is reducing or eliminating equipment-washing programs. There are important factors to contemplate before doing that.

For example, soil and debris buildup on mechanical components insulates heat-sensitive components and shortens their life; promotes electrical shorts and vehicle fires; creates acids that erode finishes, base…

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SmartWash Supra 3 Brush - AAA Freight in South Holland, IL Nov 08, 2019 »

AAA Freight in South Holland, IL. Strong transportation company with large fleet and excellent management. AAA will be washing their Fleet and open to public - individual truck washes for sale with their new SmartWash Supra 3 Brush unit.

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Canada to California Nov 07, 2019 »

We've got it covered! SmartWash Large Vehicle Wash Systems loaded and shipped. From Challenger Transportation, Canada to Madera School District, California. We will be washing their fleets in 10 days max. Thank you for choosing us!!

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SmartWash Truck Wash - MBI Sep 30, 2019 »

SmartWash Storm Touchless Automatic Truck Wash installed at MBI.

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SmartWash Truck Wash - McKee Sep 26, 2019 »

SmartWash Super Scout 3 Brush Automatic Truck Wash. We want to thank McKee for allowing us the opportunity to continue our longstanding partnership.

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Improving Lives - A Testament Jun 26, 2019 »

A notable experience from one of our Account Executives.

I want to share a very memorable moment that I encountered last week.

During my client visits, I speak with the guys in the wash bay many times about things other than the truck wash. At one of my stops, I talked to a wash attendant who had been washing trucks at the same location since the early 90s. He said that before they got our 3-brush gantry at this location, he had brushed every truck and trailer by hand. After getting the…

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SmartWash® Super Scout automatic truck wash is ready to wash. Apr 26, 2019 »

Congratulations to Ryder in Norton MA on their Grand Opening! We appreciate our continued partnership. Your SmartWash Truck Wash System looks great!

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New auto truck wash decreases operational cost, labor, effort & wash time. Apr 12, 2019 »

Another beautiful wash system in place.

Whiting Systems finalized the start-up and training of the new automated truck wash system at Spartanburg, SC

We had the privilege of working with the staff at Spartanburg for training of the wash program and automated truck wash system. Training sessions were performed covering safety, automated system and manual operations, updated cleaning process and maintenance requirements. In addition to CSR's, managers and supervisors were also present for the…

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Sysco Truck Wash Project Startup Feb 20, 2019 »

Completed training and start-up at Denver Sysco and all went extremely well. This is the second start up for Sysco that I have been involved with and all I can say "expectations exceeded "once more. Manager was speechless when ask, what do you think? All I could see was the instant confidence in his expression as he watch the top and side brushes contour the tractor. Manager could not believe the rear of the trailer needed no detailing after the wash was completed. Completed wash with less…

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Penske New Facility Truck Wash Apr 12, 2018 »

Penske Truck Leasing held the grand opening December 14, 2017 for the brand new facility at the Bedford Park area of Chicago near Midway airport. This is the largest facility ever built by Penske with a customer base of 800 units. Local officials as well as District, Area and Corporate executives were on hand for the event.

Many positive comments were made about the exceptional job the Whiting Systems Super Scout wash system does washing Penske's fleet.

The trucks brought inside for the event…

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Penske Lithia Springs GA Super Scout Truck Wash Apr 12, 2018 »

Whiting Systems finalized the start-up and training of the new automated truck wash system at the new build project in Lithia Springs, GA. This is a beautiful new facility inside and out and it will quickly benefit Penske and their customers.

It will not be long before a steady parade of trucks enter the wash bay to be cleaned by the new automated truck wash and the training is incorporated into their routine. The new equipment and process will quickly make an impact to the operations at this…

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Ben E Keith Super Scout Truck Wash Apr 12, 2018 »

We have provided the complete Fleet Image Program to Ben E. Keith for many years in several locations. They added this Super Scout to their program most recently in North Little Rock, Arkansas. We appreciate their partnership and we will continue striving to help them make a greater profit with their Fleet Image Program. Pictured from left to right are Whiting Systems President, Chad Glenn and CEO Russ Whiting.

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Mobile Washes for Oil Field Equipment Apr 12, 2018 »

Clean equipment lasts longer.

Plain and simple: clean equipment has a longer life-cycle. Whiting Systems implements on-site large vehicle cleaning solutions throughout North America for drilling, mining, fracking, trucking, & rail companies. We specialize in cleaning and washing oil-field service trucks and equipment so that it lasts longer. Contact us today and learn about how our cost-effective solutions will extend the life-cycle of your equipment and lower your maintenance costs.

The NEW…

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