Whiting Fleet Wash Systems Ownership Stays With the Family

Whiting Fleet Wash Systems Ownership Stays With the Family

Whiting Systems the leading manufacturer of automatic train, bus and fleet wash equipment, announced the continued succession planning with transfer of ownership to Russ Whiting and Jim Sorvillo.

Defining Excellence for Fleet Wash Systems

Whiting Systems was founded in 1974 by Buddy Whiting who started out selling pressure washers door to door in central Arkansas. Whiting Systems has grown into manufacturing and servicing fleet wash systems for trucks, trains, and buses in many industries all over the world.

Whiting's manufacturing facilities stretch over 30 acres now. "Our strategic growth over the years is in part of our number one asset at this company, Our People." said Jimmy Sorvillo. "We appreciate the opportunity to continue what Bud and Pat Whiting started and do the next right thing. " continued Sorvillo.


Service Networks

It is our people and a commitment to providing the best Complete Fleet Image Program in the country...never wavering on always improving product quality (fleet wash equipment and detergents), SERVICE after the sell - Service is one of the biggest differentiating factors between us and competitors. Providing excellent service is not easy and we now have the best processes with Service Force, and team that we have ever had. Best team in every area.


Leading Manufacturing of Automatic Truck Wash Equipment

"Our strategic growth over the years is in part of our number one asset at this company Our People."

— Jimmy Sorvillo

We began distributing automatic and manufacturing hand held 2 -step truck wash equipment in the mid 80's. By the late 80's Bud made the decision to begin manufacturing automatic semi truck, bus and train wash equipment and while he and the original team went through some extremely challenging times, we have manufactured well over 1000 units and have never looked back.

We will continue going through challenging times while remaining focused on the journey and Doing the Next Right Thing. Whiting Systems innovation in automated trailer washout equipment is a leading product for fleets who take sanitation seriously.

"With a combined 70+ years of experience working hand in hand with every department this succession plan is a excellent fit for our partners we serve." Buddy Whiting Said. As Whiting Systems continues to grow we are focused on what makes sense to our current customers and what they expect.


Pressure Washer

"I want to thank my mom and dad for the leadership, mentorship and the providing of opportunities for us all and Whiting Systems since 1974.
Neither I nor Jim have ARRIVED.” It isn’t a destination, but a Journey. It is a handing off the baton while continuing the race.

It will be a continuation of THE WHITING WAY while striving to be even better. As I have always said and will continue to say: We want to be the Employer of Choice and the Provider of Choice, while remaining Most Profitable." said Russ Whiting