When you need a little extra help keeping your trucks, buses, or other vehicles clean from top to bottom, Whiting Systems has a comprehensive collection of accessories that compliment your SmartWash® fleet wash system. From a thorough undercarriage cleaner to a free-standing blower system, we have the perfect tools to keep your vehicles looking their best and lasting you for years to come. In addition to attachments for your fleet wash, we have water softeners and wax kits for use with your SmartWash® system.

Our wheel and undercarriage wash systems save time and money. They prevent rust by rinsing away mud, debris and salt that get trapped in the hard-to-clean areas of a vehicle’s under body, wheels and tires.  We have several options to meet your application needs.

Wax kits provide an extra layer of protection for your vehicles by promoting drying to prevent water spots and creating a barrier that repels dirt and grime between washes. We save your crew time by incorporating our wax into the rinse water of your system. 

If you are looking to maximize the impact of your fleet washing system, we offer a contouring arm that maintains an optimal distance from the body of your vehicle.

Water softeners help remove impurities in the water that can compromise the effectiveness of your wash cycle as well as your equipment.

For fleets that can benefit from extra scrubbing power, our SmartWash® Brush Tower provides your system with two additional side brushes.

To finish off your vehicle wash cycle, consider our blower system to help lock in the vibrance of your vehicle by removing all water particles from its surface.

Specially designed to treat water for reuse in automated truck wash. “Hands off” operation - this recycling system operates on a 24 hour, 7 day a week schedule.

We are here to help you discover everything you need to create the best wash bay for your fleet. Learn more about the accessories that Whiting Systems offers by contacting us today.